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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This blog is to describe my status as a conscientious objector. After that statement is completed, I will analyze the effects of free will on a world with jazz justice, morale, and military trustworthiness.

It is wrong to fight. War is a failure of more level headed means. I will not fight unless it is to protect my own life of the life of someone who is unable to defend themselves. Particularly moving to me were the statements from a Catholic on television remembering his expinces on the battlefield and in private life. I use many of his words.

A woman has cancer of the womb, but is pregnant. Can the womb be removed ethically? The aswer is yes, to save the life of the mother, even if the child dies. [Modern medical technology may be able to save most such premature babies, but this cannot always be the case.] However the procedure must be done to save the life of the mother and not to kill the child, and there must be grief for the death and hope for the life.

This means that life is not in the hands of mankind. We are stewards of this earth, not 'masters of the universe'. A farmer does not destroy crops, he tends them peacably, and only to promote life. Would i cut off my own hand? Never, not unless it was causing me to sin for fear of hell, or if i had cancer there which would kill me. Even now, LOX can prevent the metastasis of cancer and immune system therapy can help me kill it.

But the same cannot be said of an invader. I pray that no one in the world is forced to kill ever. That violence is not made a necessary tool. Let us beat our swords into ploughshares. I am a man of peace. I am able to turn away crowds of angry people without a strike. If God has placed me in a situation where I am being attacked by an armed man and I am unable to assuage him or her from their evil intentions, I must defend myself from being wrongfully killed by killing or disabling them. Better for them to be killed and face God with wrath on their heart than murder as well. And I am better alive and thankful to the Lord and regretful that I was unable to heal that man or woman and forced to prune them than dead and in heaven, to serve my brothers and God as a human on this planet longer. I will hope for the success of peace before I plan on winning a fight.

Jesus said that lusting after a woman in your heart is the same as committing adultery with her. So is murdering someone in your heart. So is pride, envy, wrath, all sin. Some sins are apparent, some visible only to God. All are wrong. War is failure.

Better Godliness Through Chemistry is the world's best plan for peace that I know of. I have posted it at http://bettergodlinessthroughchemistry.blogspot.com/ .

God does not need our help exacting His justice. God is infinitely merciful and forgiving and loving, but is also infinitely just and powerful. Prayer and love are better ways to petition God for justice than to take it into your own hands.

I would shoot the homicide bomber before they pulled the plug. But invading a nation is untenable. Dropping bombs from a plane haphazardly on 'enemy' territory is murder that I cannot allow. That bomber should have studied to become a diplomat or architect or upstanding citizen, to voice what he or she knows to be right, rather than shout Raqa.

Justice does not come immediately, or the axe that you drop would fall on your own head. While this happens now and again, justice is often delayed so that you may learn the lessons that would keep you from sin instead of simply executing you. After all, you were infected by trickery and God loves you and is your father. Honor your mother and father without killing your brothers and sisters.

Morale. The draft. The institution of war. In any war worth fighting, the military merely serves as an organization and arming of a grand militia. During peacetime, the military is engaged in public service and peacekeeping, and being prepared. A military is not to conquer the world, it is not to threaten neighbors. It is to defend yourself from that one man who is an assaulter.

There is honor in the human form. The one who raises a hand or salutes or wears a badge or a patch is laying stickers over the human solidarity. Any able bodied man is a policeman, soldier, friend, or has all the duties of them, before God and his human family. The uniform of a policeman is merely the garb that means ,'I specialize in martial arts and law.' Authority is not from clothes or guns, it is from duty and love and given by God.

The world's militaries have been colluded and abused by the world's states. A military of discipline is to serve humanity. But a state of corruption and succeptibility to money is one of fear, while the soldier is fearless in service and one with all humanity.

***As a lawful human being, led only by God's word through ethics and justice, I cannot submit myself meaningfully to any state-serving military command. My name is William Bunker.***

I am ashamed that a nation of peers has indoctrinated and deluded its own people and sent mercenaries to occupy another land. A mission to save the unjustly imprisoned and imperiled is one matter and could possibly be godly in nature if the intentions and necessity of the actions are righteous.

War is only suitable in the case of preventing death, such as saving lives in the Sudan, or organizing to prevent or stop the invasion of a region by foreigners. Nuclear war is never an option. Economic war is never an option. Invasion for resources or land by armed means is never an option. Areas with land and resources should be used in the kindest way to serve mankind.

Poverty and famine kills millions more than war, and lack of proper education and science and industrial organization creates hard work and pollution for all. Lack of piety displeases God.

Pursuing loving tactics is very beneficial.


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