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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Segment: Nuclear Bombs

We should dismantle all nuclear devices. Even nuclear power plants will be replaced by new energy technology soon. What would happen if we dismantled all of America's nuclear weapons?

Would China and Russia launch on us right then and invade? Or would they hold, and dismantle substantial stockpiles of their own weapons?

What would North Korea and Iran do?

We should have the capability to blast nuclear wwarheads out of the sky using high quality lasers. Using a THz class laser, or a series of such lasers, we could likely burn holes through the incoming missile. It may also be possible to disrupt the chips inside with EMP, or to destabilize the fissile material in such a bomb using atomic/vibrational techniques. A reflective missile coating might cause problems, but would be difficult to maintain at mach X.

We could launch plasmas at the missile probably as quickly as a laser, using the military's new laser activated sparkle gun. Producing a field of this a few hundred meters in size from the ground would probably give us enough space to melt anything important in the projectile. The plasma would easily burn through the jacket.

A kind of missile flachette patriot style should not be a problem, and produce an excellent field effect of explosion to take down an incoming missile. What kind of firepower do we need to put into the sky to get a damaging conventional explosion into a missile's path?

A single daisycutter on the end of a stick could easily take down any nuke incoming. With math that big "you can't miss". Send 3 on every potential warhead. Load them with schrap so they cut. Have backup ground and aerial plasma and laser installations. Bumpkis.

We shouldn't need to produce this kind of effect. MAD is reasonably effective, but this kind of system could make nuclear missiles obsolete, except for the closest tactical operations, which would be uncomfortable, and are overshadowed by conventional warheads.

The only reason left is terrorism. "Drop" the bomb. Destroy the bombs. Stop making new ones. Employ effective nonnuclear countermeasures. Pentagon, put it into action pre-Iran. And forget Iran.


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