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Monday, October 15, 2007


Some speculate that George Bush has not been impeached because he would immediately declare war on Iran and begin martial law. His regime could do that, had they the strength. Corporations vying for control of the world's natural resources are hellbent enough to consider tailoring such activities in light of shortly forthcoming engineered population and resource limitations.

But I do not believe that such a condition would be fruitful for them. The US Congress could probably muster a veto of such a declaration of war or martial law or declare him unfit, and the Supreme Court could declare his actions unconstitutional. Furthermore, the populace would not likely accept such a situation.

The only way they could pull such a declaration off is with the Minot bomb or another false flag terror event, which is being monitored closely by numerous watchdog groups and elements of our own state. Even if they did accomplish this feat they would experience rapid response and a substantial and Constitutionally validated and legitimate '5th column' within their own military actions. They would actually be the 5th column within us, and the information required to dismantle their system would proliferate rapidly. They would not be able to sustain their evil empire for longer than 5 years at the very longest, and more probably only a matter of several months or a year before substantial heierarchy was routed.


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