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Thursday, May 11, 2006

This blog is to improve the function of and analyze the war on terror and how it is conducted.

The war on terror was intensified by the 9/11 failures. However, numerous elements about the disaster suggest fraud, which, if 9/11 is an example, is as dangerous or more dangerous than actual attacks. If we are to defend our nation against assault by international militia, we must accomplish certain goals.

We must strive to be likable by everyone in the world and celebrate and continue to develop our own cultural and religious traditions. This is the first line of defense against terrorism: encouraging people to not want to be terrorists. This is more important than strength.

We must reduce world threat while maintaining freedom, taking into consideration the consequences of our actions and the liklihood of our analysis. We can reduce world threat by eliminating nuclear power plants and fissionable material, securing borders peacefully, and leading with and cooperating alongside international military and diplomatic organizations.

Economic and direct military efforts to dissuade terrorist movements are secondary to the reasons they exist. It is desirable for terrorist organizations to dissolve and return to public life. This will not be accomplished by killing the last terrorist. It will be accomplished by joining the last person to human society with love. It is important and I feel that some politicians do not believe it, so I will say it again.

****This will not be accomplished by killing the last terrorist.****

The military cannot defeat terrorism. The CIA and NSA cannot defeat terrorism.

It will be accomplished by joining the last person to human society with love. Love is the answer. Expressed through caring for individuals, foreigners, by engaging in fair trade, forum discussion, cultural exchange, international peaceworks, education and compassionate clean industry, and removing the fear [terror] from life as a human.


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