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Monday, June 26, 2006

Internal and External Markets and Justice

Peak oil is a problem we can solve internally. So is terrorism. We could try to solve them externally, but the choices we are given in changing the outside world to match America's demands and needs are limited.

For peak oil, outside America we can try to find more oil reserves in the outside world to bring into America, or we can try to reduce non-American use of oil. The first choice is unrealistic based on economic and geological indicators. Expanding America into colonies such as Iraq or Saudi Arabia to get more oil inside America is unethical and would result in choice #2, which is also unethical. The second choice is unethical because it is sabotage, literally terrorism.

We can change the internal portions of America to be more human by reducing our oil consumption through efficiency, conservation, and alternative. This is a pro-market and pro-love choice that will have many side benefits in the environment, society, productivity


Accumulating wealth used to mean something like proof of service to others. Through proof of labor, a receipt for labor. This is honorable, and if it were the law of life then money would equal honor and righteousness that come with service. Today money is not only service. Because of the controlled economic and political global market system and the gaping disparities enforced in our culture and markets, money can also be the result of greed and unfairness, a reward for what is wrong. When wrong is rewarded, how long can we last? The Lord's justice is perfect.

A rich person who affords to and profits from engineering unfair environments is creating burden and woe, and spoiling the attitudes and experiences of millions of people, and preventing those people from serving one another and the world.


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