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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A situation of statelessness, state in absentia, and fluxuating national identity could easily be described or expressed by the situation in the post below. Right now, Iraqis hold Iraqiness in their hands. They can be anything they want, and are slowly, doggedly deciding under heavy fire and consideration. I applaud them and support their choice and choiceability, and would like to give them every example they need to decide upon and also give them every peace that they can receive to heal and feel upon.

They cannot be forced into a state, and they will not be. Not by their government, not by America or Iran, not by a religion. Their state should continue with less violence and pleoform into the righteousness of the people by righteousness.

This is every people.

Be direct inline with God's justice. Desire goodness and mercy for all and for the self.

The past two posts were inspired by the events surrounding Hugo Chaveza building a Klishnikov factory in Venezuela.


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