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Saturday, June 10, 2006

In the Gospels Jesus says to love your enemies and pray for them. To love your neighbor as yourself, to turn the other cheek. That he who raises the attack will be destroyed by the attack.

This leaves very little room for killing. The only way is in self defense when there is no other alternative. This can be etended to a national level, but I would say that prayer is much more effective than bullets, and that God's justice is perfect. God does not need our help exacting justice, merely our faith.

Freedom isn't free. It requires charity. Everything we got here came from God. Normal national defense and all that shouldn't be anything more than a blip on the radar. I am more concerned about international treaties, corporate action, political misrepresentation, and other factors than a the actions of a standing military. What is right is more important than 'winning' or eliminating all potential threats. What is right is unthreatened.

Do you know about the IMF and World Bank? About John Perkins, Economic Hit Man for the CIA? The farm subsudy? We have numerous trade agreements that are sapping and impoverishing. They create strife elsewhere in the world that we later attempt to use our military to deal with. This is not an effective method in business, and not an effective method in politics.

There is a certain honor to bushido and skill in physical prowess, but it is dependent on using it for good for all. We're on the verge of failing, not in strength, but in moral character, which leads to all failings. This is why I am concerned. -Edited 2006 06 12


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