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Friday, June 15, 2007


Since it seems the American attack missiles will be coming from the submarines in the Gulf first, with an ETA of only a few minutes, I would recommend defensive nation program numerous of their Shahab-1 and probably Shahab-2 missiles to explode in the immediate pathway of any incoming attack missiles, with coded guidance from radar installations in the south and central and western regions of the country.

This will be an Iranian Patriot system. It could potentially avert an illegal nuclear strike, which all neutral and God-loving nations would support. Let this be promptly coded. Please divert programming and electronic labor to this project promptly.

The Shahab-1 and 2 missiles are likely the best carriers for a warhead payload to intercept an incoming American ICBM or nuclear tipped tomahawk or other American missile.

Thank you for your civil cooperation in these matters. Please, neutral nations and the world body, devote a contingency of AA missiles to 'charity' targets. Please report America to the UN Security Council for threatening and preparing to strike with nuclear wepaons.

[http://www.physorg.com/news101125786.html: US Nuke Weapon Info Leaked On Internet. Oops. Could be breaking story.]


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