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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Iraqi Peace

The military's wargame findings that terrorism would not conquer Iraq very much backs up Ron Paul's position on war.

The war has distinctly entered the 'beginning of the end' phase, a month or two ago, maybe a few more.

How can we make the end of America's involvement in the Iraq war less bloody? Imagine it is summer 2003 or maybe spring 2004, as *nothing* has been accomplished between then and now except destruction. What would Iraqis like to do?

We should encourage the Iraqi people to engage in a peaceful post-war dialogue. They can split the country if they choose to, it is theirs. But they should not do so using violence. For example, Kurdistan does not seem like a nation that would attempt to gain land unfairly from their neighbors, although they are human. The sunni and Shi'ite regions can divide their land peacefully as well.

The neocons are still smashing up the defenses and populations on top of the oil fields for 'later' when global peak oil is pulled, and they had America by the propaganda-ear. Exposing oil's role in Iraq and roles elsewhere in our industry and world, and what to do about them with our courts and hearts is a good step.


Irregular climate causes glacial recession. Irregular economy causes class stratification.


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