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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Aliens, Technology, and ESP

Most Americans have been living under a lie for their whole lives and know nothing else.

Aliens began contacting us in the late 1940's. Mysterious 'foo fighters' were seen in the skies during WW2, who fought no one and bore no symbols. Similar incidents occured during the Battle of Los Angeles in 1942 when we fired at and hit flying objects over LA, which sustained no damage. This was likely a planetary test of our ability and willingness to fight and defeat the Japanese and also Germans at the start of the war.

In 1947, the Roswell New Mexico confirmed UFO crash occurred. The American Pentagon and President gained knowledge of and later experienced personal contact with alien life forms. We received technologies and information from them that could dramatically alter our society. These technologies, the presence and existence of aliens and their advanced social sciences have been kept a secret from us as we lumber and labor in this primitive way, well into the 21st century.

We could be enjoying the benefits of free energy machines, used as engines in everything that moves or has current. Wireless electronics and appliances, without power cords. Advanced industrial robotics and spent the majority of our time on biomedical research, pure science, technology, or farming. Instead we have nuclear weapons and classism.

We change.


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