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Thursday, June 28, 2007

An African Union

Frankly, I do not think that an African Union would matter much in the global scheme, although it may be very beneficial for Africans. Currently, Africa is a cornucopia of resources to be given out to major markets, with little or no real globally strong businesses. Gemstones, minerals, rain forests, lots of great land, rivers, and ten thousand miles of coastline make any spot rich, but the people living there are impoverished unlike any elsewhere on Earth.

African Unions were considered in the 1800's during the times of colonialism, when attempts to build a railroad passage from Cape Town to Cairo failed, along with the hope for one Africa. The place has been a resource colony for the rest of the world, and has been eschewed by one force or another internally and in poverty outside the gate of world influence since Jews left Rome fell and Europeans brought guns.

If an African union, even a lightly knit one, can reduce civil war and poverty and corruption or improve African society, let them be well and come to learn the ways of truth and righteousness that founds a macrosociety, which we are forgetting.


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