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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

$ and War and the State

We can spend so much on our military because it is a good buy. We use our military to produce and enforce illegitimate fiscal arrangements all over the world, and have since the 1950's. However this is illegal and an abuse of our soldiers and national resources.

This time it may have entangled us freakishly into Iraqi and Israeli bungles. We're almost openly fighting for money and power, but for the veil of media.

What is the solution? Investigation against the leadup and incidents of the war, which has been done smashingly well in 9/11 truth and Downing Street Memos and the entire investigation of the Bush White House. This investigation must now be moved to trial. This is taking the investigation and moving it to the courtroom, where there is authority.

Any court of law would throw our president and his cabinet out into the street, or jail.

YeK = -1.

After this point, what happens? A new emergency American elections event, simultaneously overlapping the tiers of authority, and the rebuilding of the state and investigation of the Constitution and how these events progressed.

Consequencing in leaving Iraq about now and abandoning war plans in Iran, changing to adopt sustainability on all levels, and moving the world eventually to a system of sustainability, and unsustainable practices being phased out or left behind.


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