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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Peak Oil 2008

We are trying to corner the energy market in 2008.

1. ExxonMobil technologies. ExxonMobil has purchased a series of technologies and plots sufficient to replace petroleum. These technologies, which could save us billions and prevent massive pollution and medical illness.

2. Hubbert Peak. The true peak of oil according to geologist M Hubbert was set for 1995, but was predicted before the slowdowns in 1973 and 1979. That puts the peak of feasibility at about now. Other indicators set the date at ~2008 as well, but other reports based on ~1988 OPEC beauracracy motivated reserve reestimations place the date far ahead into the 2020's to 2040's. We are preparing for this date in 2008 by the PNAC's records, and in an artificial shortage, hence a 'corner'. Mexican and American and Israeli and ExxonMobil and other oil company supplies are being suppressed. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is exterior to this measure in nationalizing oil reserves.

3. Manufacturing Base. America has sold off the majority of its oil heavy manufacturing base, including its major automakers Ford, Chevy, GM, who have all faced serious shortcomings, and produced very, very few suitable green vehicles. They also produced massive gas guzzling SUVs through the mid 2000's in order to gain a greater market share of oil in our populace for the peak. When oil becomes 'scarce' ~2008, this manufacturing base will be crippled, and ExxonMobil will release new green technologies. We've also begun switching our consumer and commercial attention to green fuels and biofuels, to be sunk in by the 2008ish deadline. We will then rebuild our ExxonMobil mfu base, having sold our own for full price in ~2004, and couping ~none of the manufacturing losses in the 2008, and flush with capital in 2008 from oil reserves sold to our donors.


4. Corner. We're in Iraq currently, with no plans to 'leave' or turn control over to the Iraqis, to control their oil supplies through the corner. We have plans to invade Iran if it becomes necessary, as well as a toehold fiscal or otherwise in Nigeria and other oil rich ally areas such as Indonesia. See John Perkins Ex CIA about Ecuador and Panama. We're also ready for Syria and have strong alliances between the House of Bush/House of Saud, controllers of Saudi Arabian megafields. Russia and Gazprom seem to be key adversaries, but coals to newcastle we are probably not interested in cornering nor sponsoring Russian oil supplies.

5. Katrina. We likely allowed Katrina to be so horrific to pregame the emergency disasters and to test the oil shortages. That disaster was purposefully unguarded.

6. 9/11. The first move of the PNAC. The second move of the PNAC being to get bases in the oil rich places of the world. One of the third to be to pull the hook, of cornering the oil market. Destroy this conspiracy. It is a New Constitution which is illegal and antihuman to an exponential degree.

How do we untie this knot?

Placing this in international media is a good way. Letting China know is one good way. Letting Iraq Iran and Venezuela know is another. A good way to do it is to release ExxonMobil technologies now, to place in the judiciary the offenses of the new unConstitution9/11 and the presidential and congressional figures who promote and foment the treasonous acts.

Convicting and leaving Iraq is a good way to break the monopoly. If the monopoly is broken, the show is over. This will be difficult, though to do in an oil environment. Releasing the new technologies now would also suffice. Other technological advances and changes to the stagnant commercial system could respark interest in a manufacturing base sufficient to make us change our oily plans, but that is also unlikely.

I'd probably impeach the president and his advisors and staff, leave Iraq, fiscally balance our situation, bring home our military, and release the ExxonMobil technology by matter of an anti-trust lawsuit or 'national security', or force the old companies to do it by starting new protected ones that will anyway. All of those choices would be good and replace an oil corner. There is even still time to accomplish that goal.

Releasing broad e- technology to the masses in that environment would be a good opportunity for true industrial and commercial shift from the old tech to the new with security on top of it in the midst of a revolution.


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