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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summary Constitution

I am concerned about the power of global corporations. Through study I
have found it very probable that corporations have joined forces with
elements of the US government to corner the energy market in 2008, using
our national resources and corporate capital, particularly in the middle
east. Furthermore, ExxonMobil, GM, and other companies have acquired and
stifled energy technologies and patents and national oil reserves to
prevent critical advancement in energy technology away from oil.

I believe this plan was hatched to get a fiscal leg up on the emerging
Chinese and Russian markets and populations to place America and
megacapitalists in firm control of the population and nations of the
world for the 21st century, when population is expected to eclipse world
resources, motivating billions of people to riot or seceed from
conventional labor and social arrangements.

I believe that the 1996 PNAC and the 2000 election and 2001 Trade Center
bombing were enacted under the new 'emergency Constitution' in the light
of these upcoming crises. We have illegally been under a state of
emergency Constitution since 1933. The expected disasters of the 21st
century would warrant a preemptive state of emergency, and these actions
and irregularities we are experiencing are probably the result of this
undeclared state of emergency.

However, there are better solutions to this emergency than the route of
supercontrol we are taking. Your libertarianist viewpoints and the
liberation of ExxonMobil/GM technologies and the investigation of state
and corporate affairs can reroute our future from a global hell to

GM's technologies can produce overunity of energy. The subatomic and
energy science and chemistry is available to run an automobile or a
factory without producing pollution and without incurring additional
cost. This could easily rid the world of 99% of our pollution problems
and allow us to install robotics to fill our planet with cheap high
quality machined and tooled goods.

This would cause substantial upset, though, as megacorporations would
lose all their control systems and currency values would become almost
meaningless. A new free energy system would shatter the current system
of materialism, which supports the livlihood of hundreds of millions to
billions of people today. The new technology could not be installed in
time to prevent some substantial fiscal chaos and probable deaths.

Furthermore, this replacement would expose radical nations such as North
Korea to limitless energy technology. It is probable that the leaders of
this sequestered group and other militaries or action groups would abuse
this energy system and cause brief but grave destruction before being
wiped out or overthrown by their own rebel movements, equally empowered.

I would say the best way to solve this looming global crisis is your
prompt leadership at some point in the future to expose these events,
eliminate illegitimate power in the state and markets, and release this
new technology to the public, along with a hilt-level government
sponsorship of energy technology and infrastructure development and an
emergency services program for those who may be affected by power
outages or supply shortages. Your plans of bringing all troops home
immediately is also very wise. It may be a more successful plan to allow
this technology to be the first liberator of the world than to
micromanage its perfusion.

While this is happening we can bring the trials of Dick Cheney and
George W Bush and their emergency Constitution co-conspirators to the
USSC and the public's attention.

You do not need to respond to this letter if you do not choose to, but
this information should be widespread already and I would like a
confirmation of your opinion on these matters.


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