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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thorw Iowa Straw Poll Results

The straw poll's voting machines were Diebolds, and the vote manager was Mary Mosiman, who is also on Romney's "Romney for President Leadership Team". Romney placed first. Ron Paul placed fifth, despite massive support.

This is a fatal conflict of interests, with motive and opportunity. All Diebold machines are considered faulty because they all can have their vote totals modified without detection. No election result coming from a Diebold voting machine or any other electronic voting machine is verifiable.

Contact information:
Story County Auditor
Mary Mosiman
Phone: 515-382-7211
Email: mmosiman@storycounty.com

Please contact your legislator and encourage them to destroy all Diebold voting machines and to investigate them for vote fraud.


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Well written article.


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