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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A New World Made Possible

A tesla coil or other RF-emitting devices can be used to turn salt water into fuel useful for heating, cooking, and running certain engines, particularly Sterling and capacitance-charging alternators. This process research began in early spring 2007 and has become fruit this summer. We should harvest it this fall and begin testing it in winter for a series of springtime ventures.

To become a 21st century pioneer you should have one of these RF/AC devices. It can be modified to provide power to your normal devices without connection to the electrical grid. You may want to augment it with wind and solar power systems. there are also engineered bacteria that can turn sunlight into useful hydrogen gas.

It may be desirable to bring or build a 3D printing reprap prototyping machine. These machines attach layers of material together to build 3D devices. A reprap could build a carburater with very few moving parts. Combine the RFAC and reprap together with blacksmithing and forgery techniques to build an offgrid tool & die shop.

A dutch company has built water filtration systems [that can get you hi. Another has built straws] that will let you drink from mud puddles and seawater safely, at $3 each. These are valuable devices, and a large one could give you and a village Brita-level drinking water year-round.

From this point, Amish level arrangements can free you from the requirements of social security cards, taxes, registration, and unConstitutional activity. But social interaction is still desired and worth pursuing. See excerpts from www.weeklyworldthingy.blogspot.com on social cohesion within social distinction.


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