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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Iran != Iraq

This article in Esquire says that Iran will be Iraq all over again, which is bad enough coverage, but it will not be Iraq all over again for it will be worse. Far worse.

We've been suckered into Iraq. Being suckered again, deeper into the quicksand, would be attacking Iran.

Iraq was producing nothing that we needed at the time. Iraq produced only a few barrels of oil annually in a market condition that was not so tight. They were not a serious threat, and we could have waited on them for a long time. However, controlling that oil in time for peak oil 2008 and also having a good foothold for Iran and the 2004 and 2008 presidential races was of critical timing.

Iran is producing large amounts of oil. They make ~3mbd and the world uses and produces ~90mbd. Our market is so tight that oil prices are currently around $90 a barrel. Attacking Iran would leave us in a fuel situation that would produce shortage, which we haven't seen since 1973. Prices would triple and then later double. This would not be merely a shipping error, like someone holding your pants in a crimp so they are too tight, like in 1973. This would be plain growing out of your britches, partially because of a 3" reduction in their size as Iran stopped exporting oil due to military threat.

How would this be beneficial to the ones who have opened this pandora's box? Those who would invade Iran on purpose, knowing these negative fallouts and the unnecessary status of the war, knowing who really [in the governments] did 9/11, how will they benefit? They have set themselves up prior to this shortage to own a majority of the world's oil resources, and to have them guarded adequately. They also profit from the Iraq war now. They are some who seek world domination and to win the fiscal inequality we are constantly in against shortage. They would do this by gaining control of the world's resources and eliminating a majority of the world's populace.

From that point, they could manage the world's resources sustainably, probably using ancient technologies as 'sustainable' measures such as nuclear power, a labor class, and accounting for a large portion of the world to be unusable afterwards.

Little do they realize, although they may have planned well for their heinous crime, that our technologies and the hidden techs are quickly elevating to allow our current world to be sustainable, with all 7 billion people, were they properly trained. They have been working to train this world to be slaves or idiots instead for about 60 years. Had they been training for good, we would be there in about 2 years.

The reverberations of their murderous actions and plans will not rest. Their utopia, which is impossible and would collapse if it were attempted, would be beset by their emotional fallout. They would not deserve it, and it will not happen.

Doubtless, if we invaded Venezuela, China would take responsive actions. A similar situation probably exists with Iran. Russia also becomes the watchdog over the entire world, even if we do act and win once on a major scale or locally, Russia will respond and win.


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