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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Let's get to task on determining what to do about these wars we've gotten into. We know what should be done with the prisoners according to our national documents.

Regarding Afghanistan, we must examine the primary apparatus to the operation. We went there against terrorism, to capture one man, Osama bin Laden. If Osama is not in Afghanistan, we should turn authority of Afghanistan over to the United Nations or the civil authority of the state, legally, and leave for home. But before going on a warranted search and invade mission to Afghanistan we must examine the evidence and warrant we used to go to war.

The video of the confession of Osama bin Laden to 9/11 is phony. Examine it in the Loose Change video or linked on this page. I will also place it on What Every American Should Know. This confession is weighted by the events of 9/11, which can be deconstructed adequately in statements on this page. It is extremely likely that Osama bin Laden did not cause 9/11 to occur outside of American control. If he did cause it to occur by American invitation or organization or trickery, he and the organizers both are guilty, and the people and government of Afghanistan, and Iraq are the sufferers.

To plot a deceptive disaster, and have the fall guy run away to the country the organizers want to be in is a foot in the door. How do we get that foot out of the door, fix the problems that the foot has caused, and additionally properly fix the problems that they plotted deception and invasion for in the first place [likely to be peak oil, among other issues]?

It would be unconscionable to send additional troops to Afghanistan, or to Iraq, to accomplish operations. If additional forces were to be sent to these warzones, their origin would need to be international.

Should the topic be brought into the open while soldiers are on the ground in foreign lands? Maybe. What if it became known that 9/11 was phony while we had soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq still? It could happen tomorrow under the right circumstances. If it was discovered or publicized or legally acknowledged or found that the 9/11 confession tape is bogus, the entire Afghanistan war would be dissolved, and the Iraq war would become similarly dissolved by the pretext of 'WMD', they would merge and unite in cause. Soldiers might refuse to be deployed en masse, they might clamor to be called home or desert. The American public would demand a resolution to the events both in a 3-month window or structural elements would be at risk. The international community would demand American response and change in tactic, and we'd be basically finding our bags to leave and going. Beyond this, the resistance movements in Iraq and Afghanistan would intensify considerably and on a slope.

I would prefer to see those movements be towards the government in organizational and diplomatic and legislative manners rather than rage expressed in a military manner. I'd rather remove our soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq on an occupation level voluntarily and now and leave ideally stable governments or UN handlers in place than be politically forced to do so by outrage. That way facing facts about 9/11 and the wars will be easier, as they would not be currently in our American hands.


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