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Monday, August 14, 2006

China and 2007

Considering the elements of revelations and the coming invasion of Iran and consequences of peak oil...

China seems like the only force on earth that could and would voluntarily ban Christianity. They persecute religions of all sorts and political activists.

How might China gain control of the world militarily? Or economically? I suspect that within two years peak oil will strike, and the American economic system will face rapid destruction unless drastic measures are taken. We cannot afford another war to invade Iran, and we cannot afford the oil prices that we will face.

We could roll the expenses over on the rest of the world and make them pay for the oil to fund our oil companies, which would fund our businesses. But our people will be left in extreme poverty. We left industry elsewhere, which will not support us in jobs. China will do fairly well because they do not entirely rely on oil and have Indonesia and Russia right next to them to do business with. China also will be the primary recipient of Iranian oil.

Well, this is the world. I am merely thinking of how China could possibly come to ban Christianity. Should it be feared? No, all these things must come to pass. God's word is true and God is faithful.

China would be in a good position in the event of peak oil and an American fiscal crisis. They hold hundreds of billions of dollars of our bonds, they rely on very little of world oil in comparison to ourselves. They are local to Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabian oil supplies. They have North Korea right next to them, as well as India/Pakistan, critical American allies/business partners, and Afghanistan.

Have we invaded Afghanistan as a holding point between China and the oil? Consideration. I imagine that the peak oil will hit, China will make it difficult for America to remain solvent by either refusing new loans or calling up old loans, or both, and perhaps by stopping trading with America, or raising their prices in relation to the dollar considerably.

This is not to organize killing, stealing, and destroying. It is to protect against and to advise those who may not to.

Do not invade Iran. Avert industry from oil dependence immediately. Restore taxes for the rich to avert fiscal crisis. Release new technologies to effect this change. Bring troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan instead of relying on oil in this way. Cease massive NSA and FBI operations against the American people and through businesses, and investigate and restore FBI orders to investigate legitimate terrorist suspects. Cease supporting and organizing terrorists, regardless of orientation. Allow the UN to conduct investigations and stop using the finance system to impoverish the 3rd world and dissuade economic compeition from American firms. Use the freedom of information act and/or Congressional regulation of interstate commerce in emergency measures to release or de-copyright the patents for vaporizing carburaters and enhance research into water splitting and fuel cells, biodiesel research, hemp, and other fiscally conservative measures to support our industry, restore our economy, and fill employment.


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