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Friday, August 11, 2006


Instead of forcing airline passengers to discard all their possibly liquid items, they could be persuaded to merely open them, and then they could be adequately detected by dogs, or maybe robot dogs.

There is data saying that explosives could be detected by terrawaves. Between infrared and microwaves. No sweat. Try that one, for the 5 months that it will matter.

I'd also like to see the wifi phones. It'd be like cordless phone receivers. It'd call from the phone from any place that had cordless connectivity, or wifi for that matter.

In other matters, RIAA has asked for blanket gag orders so they do not need to produce witnesses in court cases and defendants will face charges without being addressed by prosecuters. This is against the 1st amendment. I am surprised that RIAA lawyers have actually asked for this. I believe they could possibly face charges, or contempt of court for such a request, depending on the severity.

Telecomm Industries are facing 4th amendment lawsuits for cooperating with the NSA and providing billions of pieces of information to the NSA, and almost certainly some off yours. They both are on trial. 17 lawsuits against them have just been consolodated.


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