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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel's War Strategy

It seems Israel is fighting the Lebanese people, not Hizbolla. They may be fighting a proxy war through the civilian population against Hizbolla because they are so guerilla and hard to strike. They have destroyed power plants, economic centers, many civilian apparati. The correct military response to be most kind to civilians and actually, most effective against Hizbolla is to deliver ground paramilitary forces to battle them in person instead of bombing civilian infrastructure.

If Israel plans to destroy its economic adversaries, political targets, and terrify the Lebanese population, they should do exactly what they are doing. However, to cut off Hizbolla's flow of social and material support, they should be good neighbors and disengage from their anti-populist practices. Let a man not be executed for the actions of his father, nor for the actions of his son, but his own actions alone.

If Israel plans to infinitely bomb and destroy the Arabs and Palestinians to grind them into rubble, the Israelis will find them tougher than they first anticipated, and themselves disdained universally for their cruelty. This is not how to fight a war. This is terrorism.

How can I aid the Israelis, though? They seem to have so much already. A thriving economy, a strong military, land of their own. What can I give them to help them more? It is not money or weapons, they are already flush with them. More is only spoiling them of their real weaknesses. I would give them compassion, mercy, understanding, genuine interest and intent to help those impoverished and oppressed, a desire for peace, contentedness, and true piety like that taught by Jesus Christ. I would give this to anyone.


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