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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Boy, I always thought the US was idyllic and right. I was pretty proud about us beating those nazis and emancipating slaves, even if the legal changes took 100 extra years. I was amazed about space and I really liked the way technology was going. And the soviet union, I mean, c'mon. Vietnam was a shame and everyone knew/knows it, but i thought it was just a mistake. not law. Iraq 1 was a good deal, but i was too young to know that we sold him WMD and stoked the Iran-Iraq war, and did all tat Reagan crap with the hostages in 1980.

I am so ashamed and displeased that we back every black thing Israel does, this lebanese thing. I am so ashamed that we castrated the UN, and vetoed every single Israeli investigation finding ever. I liked the Clinton economics, even if he did some shady stuff I didn't find out about until later. I am so ashamed of George Bush and his corruption, illegitimate vote scandals, our media ignoring it, 9/11 being entirely a fairy tale of lies, and the second Iraq war. I protested that with a deep voice indeed. And Bush's greivous economics. They impoverish billions and strike at Americans trying to make a good life. The Patriot Act, and a million other excuses, lies, bombings, and video clips. The secret fiscal espionage. The invasive corporate intelligence gathering. The distortion of history. The selling out of what is right for lies. The withholding of technology and information that could save lives!

America, I chastize you. Change your ways and repent of the things you have done.


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