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Friday, July 28, 2006

Arrested For Photography

This man was arrested for photographing police.

The city of Philadelphia would be wise to fire the officers involved without compensation regarding the blatant activity regarded in this case. It would be preferrable to suspend them with pay until their court case is decided in the interest of fairness, and in the event of their loss, to fine them the amount of compensation plus any additional fines.

No officer is allowed to break the law in this way. The officers may face charges of assault, battery, wrongful arrest, possibly even kidnapping, depending on the way the events transpired. Why would it cross such an officer's mind to arrest someone for taking a photo? That is obstruction of the 1st amendment, violation of the 4th amendment, and a form of cruel and unusual punishment and against the laws of the land. Officers in this and every major city should experience rotational constitutionality training on an ongoing basis to keep the force informed of and aware of the rights of citizens and their own rights.

The ABA will be notified of this case.


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