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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Legal Matters

NAFTA is not a Constituional agreement. 2/3 of Congress must approve of all international treaties. Congress has the authority to regulate interstate and international commerce. Considering the onset of peak oil, Congress should step up work to prepare for a non-oil economy or at least an oil-sustainable economy.

A North American Union would not be ratified by Congress, nor by a vote of the people of America, Canada, nor Mexico. The Congress does not have the authority to rescind its own duties to regulating commerce. That is unconstituitonal.

These measures should be reviewed by our Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has a busy schedule ahead of them.

Foreign companies own American toll roads? Aren't roads the duties of the state? Is the state sloughing off its public duties? Foreign owned schools would not fly either. Will they eat our flesh?

We need to do what is right all over. We can do what is right in Iraq when we fix our economy and infrastructure. We can get the votes need to enforce removal of corruption when we reform campaign finance. We can reform campaign finance when we pass in in a national referendum. This will require information storage and retrieval systems, a free media, non-corporate ownership of information collection and distribution systems, and an educated and involved populace!

What will this take?



It seems that much of the point of nationhood as far as Israel goes is racial discrimination. I believe that is unprofessional and also would be somewhat illegal or questionable to do in most social areas. I am disturbed that Israel regulates race in such an intrapersonal manner. I believe that the 4th amendment is being violated by Israel's actions in regard to Palestinian citizenship, applying to live in Israel or be an Israeli citizen, etc.


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