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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Israel and the Middle East

The solution in Israel must be just like the other solutions. We should focus on the right answer and not on what's wrong. By improving technology and peace movements we will cause peace there. I am uninterested in finding who is wrong and publicizing what is evil about Israel's actions or the war or the world. I know it's wrong; I am uninterested.

I am interested in focusing on what is right.

1. Bring me the plans for the silver colloid antibiotic plan and put it in foods and drinking water, give it to livestock and use it in pesticides. Filter seawater using carbon nanotubes and put this silver colloid in it. Cure acne, bad breath, and stinkiness with it, along with real illnesses.

2. Study better and recommend the methodology of blood electrification to neutralize pathogens. This can substantially improve world health and reduce the incidence of debilitating and expensive disease and infection to a tiny fraction comprised primarily of genetic deficiencies, which can be addressed with stem cells and gene therapy.

3. Show me the water fracturing method to turn H20 into HHO into 2H2 O2, using less energy than is produced by the H2 produced. Make this the standard energy production method and eliminate nuclear and coal power plants. Build new cars and convert old cars to run on water.

4. Grow food on green farms using animal-based fertilizer, greenhousing, and ecological pest control. Grow too much food to eat and use some of it for ethanol and biodiesel, wherever that might be needed. Donate it to international food pantries to prevent starvation.

5. Change transport to centralize around mass transit, maglev trainsets, or water splitting train engines. Erect helium zeppelins to serve as midairports and space elevators. Equip planes with hypersonic scramjets and give them small turbines capable of accelerating them to ~250mph to activate the scrams. Change FAA law to allow supersonic travel overland in the US above the altitude required to have zero ground effect.

6. Change economics in the face of free energy. Apply state-run industry and regulate corporations by market participation. Distribute goods from regional warehouses to reduce commute requirements and traffic.

*UPS* Partner with internet businesses to warehouse stockpiles of goods at UPS plants for rapid delivery to customers.

7. Establish international civil service teams to operate on all scales of interaction. Change education to be curiosity based from an early age instead of mandated. Change licensures and certifications to grades on aptitude tests. Have teachers become research associates for students.

8. Create and dispense software defined radio to allow cheap safe private and effective transmission of information internationally via daisy chain or satellite and tower relay systems. Users pay nothing for radio and can broadcast music, host chatrooms and live radio shows, and do everything medialyte anywhere free with anyone. Sell *that*.

9. Allow citizens under these circumstances to form supporting groups and organizations and communities and join these kinds of communities freely throughout the world regardless of national origin, race, creed, etc. Destroy all copyright law in the face of free energy and universal equality, the lack of a need for piling up huge sums of money and the lack of poverty for plentitude.

That is all. Encourage religious and spiritual expression and praise of God through Jesus Christ and counsel all people empathically for free.

Ban the draft. A real war would have real supporters. Ban wealth. Real projects would have real supporters.

These things can be supported and made through information distribution and retrieval systems, through civil disobedience, non-violence, love, understanding, social cooperation and ambition, willingness to consider and try and believe new things, and by making many thousands of new friends.



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