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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jesus Christ, Paramilitaries, and the St8

Jesus Christ told us to offer no resistance against one who is evil, and when attacked to turn the other cheek, that he who raises the sword will die by the sword. But he also said that the state does not carry the sword for no reason.

Is it ethical to make plans for a state to be at war? Ancient Israel [no connection to present day Israel] had to with God's guidance. May we be guided today as we plan for war and live for peace.

If I presumed it were ethical and the goal were for peace and love, I would avoid war and change all states from the inside out. No state is perfect to conquer the others. No society as a whole is perfect. Godliness is goodness and love throughout any state and society.

If I were a man having control of a large area of land, a king, of a country, and attacked by a series of militants, I would make work to expose them and announce who they are. I would not attack the land they come from, or its people. I would love them and court them, as I should all people and lands.

If it became necessary to protect the others from militants, I could not bring myself to attack their land, if they were not led by another king or group controlling such lands. I might ask the community to do something about it. Would I want other nations or people to send aggressive soldiers into my land to retaliate for deaths? No. But sending defensive soldiers into my land who worked with me? I might like that, especially if there was a problem.

It seems that Lebanon has a Hizbollah problem. The solution is not to attack Lebanon. It is to work with Lebanon. I *like* Lebanon.


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