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Monday, July 10, 2006

Just what of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness?

America has some founding principles around life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This appears to be inalienable. What if my pursuit of happiness includes smoking marijuana, not joining the military, and remaining alive? Can these things be inalienably guaranteed by the state? I believe they can, ethically and legitimately. Since all men are created equally, can the state pursue these rights for all humanity? Yes.

Marijuana is a non-issue, but rights say yes. Thankfully the draft is not active, although bills remain in the Senate. But there are times when the state causes the death of a civilian, such as capital punishment, or in some cases on this battlefield execution. Also in military justice this is common and unpublished.

But frankly, it goes against our inalienable right to life. The state should also provide effectively against starvation, and provide on demand emergency service to anyone at hospitals. This is part of our founding documents and part of our American way. Let's find the way.


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