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Thursday, July 06, 2006

World Domination

There are two choices in the world. Either monopolar domination [or brief bipolar domination pursuant to monopolar domination] or universal equality. One of these will be enforced and the other will be the enemy of it.

We can presume that the world is currently moving towards monopolar domination from the various control related activities being promoted. The lead power appears to be the US, but not just everyone in the US, the rich of the US, and by corporatization, the rich of every part of the world who play by US rules. Everyone who is not rich and who is not in the US or playing by US rules is at a severe disadvantage. Examine Iraq and how they were brought to their knees from 1991 to 2003. They tried to become a major world player by controlling most of the world's oil. America shut them down as a competetor.

The alternative ruleset is God's rules. If everyone played by God's rules we would achieve universal equality through justice and law. Everyone receives equal justice under God's law.

Previous to Iraq's forte was Russia. Russia was a power player of the Cold War, arguably WW3. Russia collapsed through corporate warfare, which has become America's war of choice and which is difficult to politically defeat or subterfuge, especially under this private law set.

Before Russia it was Germany. Before Germany, England, France, Spain, Portugal, and back as far as the Turks and Muslims. Each intensifying their rule and ferocity and destruction, one after the next. What can we do to halt this battle?

We must change corporate laws. Corporations should publish all of their subsidiary companies on their products [a Coca Cola Umbrella Company]. They should publish their finances. Since we know America wages war through corporate entities, we should protect nations and individuals from corporate action. We should regulate and submit all corporate and national actions to an international court of law run by democratic world elections.

We must strengthen corporate regulation through the EPA, the World Court, and other regulating boards. Capitalism will need to accomodate and account for the changes in capitalism found from rapid communication and international conglomeration.

The framers of capitalism, different from the framers of the Constitution, did not expect capitalism to become a global enterprise. Capitalism on a small scale, pre-automobile, pre-telephone, pre-international stock exchange, etc. works reasonably well when regulated by human rights and civil rights from government. But no government is large enough to regulate these things today, and capitalism has outgrown them. Workers have not caught up with growth because of nationalist actions and the work of corporations.

The closeness of corporations and government, using one another to advance each other, have left workers behind and this gap is inexorably growing, until corporation and government can be brought under control by democracy. The framers of the Constitution built the laws to protect us, and all our modern law systems and economic triangles have been set up and established by a world corporate government.

We must get back to the Constitution and Bill of Rights [info@bordc.org] and begin to interpret them clearly once again in the light of freedom of the people. Existing anti-trust laws must be engaged. What is a trust? Fair trade must be practiced. We need to get corporations out of government interests and governments out of their corporate monopolies for resources to control their adversaries.

We can do this with new technology obsoleting resources controlled by the state. The water-powered car and the Moray resonating generator use water or the earth's electromagnetic field to generate motion and power. That would save consumers trillions of dollars and reduce the cost of living similarly, and would take much power from the hands of global shipping companies and militaries and governments and put it in the hands of individuals. These devices and the machines that can make them have been guarded fiercely by states and companies. Biodiesel is also a great and easy choice.

We can do the same thing with democracy and the courts and the media. By spreading the word throughout the world we can wake enough people so that they take civil action to mold their governments and corporations and boycott those that do wrong, and prosecute and reshape tyrannical regimes. By taking the 1st amendment back from Megacommunication corporations we can further freedom.

By paying attention to the products and companies we consume from we can shape the corporate model. Avoiding franchises and unethical megacorporations can reduce their funding and increase the funding of local and ethical businesses. Instead of shopping at Walmart, shop at Mom & Pop's, even if it costs an extra buck. Find out who owns the companies you do business with and communicate with them. Encourage more organic foods and eliminate genetically modified food products. Dunkin Donuts uses a lot of hydrogenated corn starch. Ask them to remove it. Ask if your coffee is fair trade. We all learned that in the 90's. Do that kind of ethical digging in all your business.

And by communicating with our government and getting them to change corporate laws and demanding accountability for their actions and international actions we can help prevent state and international malfeasance and build strong court cases for the common decency. They will know that they are being watched. In the meantime, turn off the TV and begin researching for yourself what is going on. Do not wait for news to come to you. Dig.


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