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Monday, July 10, 2006

Civilian Paramilitaries

"In response to 'kill, don't capture'"

...at first i thought you were going to lament or expose this kind of policy. It is not right to execute captured people on a battlefield, even if you've got no place to 'dispose' of them. What do you do with a civilian who is engaging in paramilitary behavior?

Well, you'll have to treat them as a civilian, and until that can be done, keep them in protective POW custody. Offing them on the field is clearly out of line and plain clothes cold blood murder.
***killing while no life is in danger = murder.***

That's initiating death. Take this to the death penalty.

Try them in relation to their paramilitary cause. what would you do with soldiers you'd captured during war? Release them? Doubtful. Keep them in prison if they are guilty of crimes, or if they are hostile enemy civilians or paramilitaries during wartime. when the war is over, release those who are not guilty of crime.


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