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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Officer Training School and Public Military Education

I have a question for the military.

Would it be tactically worth it for them to send me to officer training school?

I will produce the write up. I must warn them of certain things beforehand, though. I will not join the military. However, I am an American and I live for truth justice and the American way, and I would only ever use these skills in support of God and what is good. In the event of an invasion on America these training skills could be useful.

They have a massive budget and are in the middle of a recruitment boom for which training measures and budgetary items have been procured. They claim to have need of new recruits and as always especially skilled recruits.

Is it worth the seat and their money to send me to officer training school that I may gain such skills? This depends on whom the individual is they would train. I was offered officer training school in 2001 on the grounds of my high school GPA and SAT scores. I am an Eagle Scout and have leadership qualities and the ability to effectively contribute leadership to a group pursuit.

Would it be beneficial to America's tactical position to have expertly trained officer-level non-enlisted civilians? The support of American people and opinion and the journalistic analysis of state-level efforts is critical to the democratic process. American civilians need to be trained and trained well to efectively support a diplomatic or military process.

I want to attend officer training school, have the government pay for it, and not be obligated to join the armed forces. This can replace a public draft with skilled and performance sensitive optional serviceability. A draft is unconstitutional because it circumvents rights in our ofunding documents to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and is leaned against by the 4th amendment. Speaking against a war or a protest is also banned in the military, which is a violation of the 1st amendment which even soldiers should not be forced to surrender. Furthermore, because I do not believe in the death penalty, I cannot willingly submit myself to a judicial body or other organization that practices it.

However, if a situation is put in my hands where I must make a choice between killing or mortally disabling another person or sacrificing myself or another innocent, the choice is clear that I must defend us. If I am confronted with such a situation on the shores of or inside America I will make that same choice, and encourage those around me to as well, but the same military restrictions will still be borne.

So I ask the state to provide me with officer training due to my ability. I would recommend the state provide voluntary and non-compulsory free boot camp for anyone who appropriately fell into that category as a public service, as a readiness measure for the public and an option for those who cannot ethically join the United States military.

There are many ways that non-enlisted skilled individuals can contribute to the United States and to the world by peace. Information distribution and analysis is more valuable today than it ever has been, and accurate and well analyzed information and the planning and solutions surrounding them can improve American and world industry, stability, and peace. Public diplomacy is more important than ever due to the ease of international communication provided by the internet and new technologies. Providing this training is gentile and will add to an aware and active citizen's education and ability to serve others.

Elite Etiquette

God has seen it fit for mankind to be placed in the hands of a solemn few. Because of this duty and because of God's law there are ways that such a leader must behave.

It is critical for this leader to love the Lord, and to seek to serve him and to serve all how God would want them to be served. Such a leader must use the best technologies and information systems to protect and serve these people with the resources given them by God from earth and heaven while maintaining or improving their resource ability. A leader may have been given trust of the earth, but knows that it belongs to God and is given to everyone.


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