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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Invasions of Economics

I've recently received word that we're invading Iran before the end of the year, for reasons foreshadowed.

We have been over the consequences this will have on the world in moderate depth, the side laying consequences in shallow depth. This is not about consequences. We know they are dire and far greater in scale than the budgeters can put on paper and far more torturous and gruesome than a military planner can say in numbers. They are atrocities before God.

What I want to provoke is the alternative. To avoid this catastrophe...

Do all things you do not to attain paradise nor to avoid hell, but for the glory of God. These actions the world leaders are planning are not for God's glory.

We need to change the way we do business. First, let us change the way we grow and make food. We don't have to go all out on greenhousing, we can do that much more gradually. We *must* turn from petroleum and chemical pesticide use to ecological pest control. Even small predator structures in fields can dramatically increase yields. www.agribusinesspark.blogspot.com

We can grow enough food for all humans, and even keep up to pace with food production considering human growth. We cna make this human growth profitable and worthwhile and sustainable economically with the modern technologies of water fracturing and efficiency, and reducing materialism and advertising, and changing the industrial and commercial frameworks. www.receiptforlabor.blogspot.com, www.thepowercompany.blogspot.com .

By shifting the way we run our economic systems, militaries and societies can change and no longer will we face massive military threats, and small military groups can be made complacent through social and economic progression and various freedoms. Education reform as well can ensure that we stay mentally and socially nimble enough to prochaine anything. www.educationfreedom.blogspot.com, www.bettergodlinessthrufaith.blogspot.com see below.

If you wish to abandon the Bible and the Constitution, We the People may not be able to prevent you from doing so, but we will heal the wounds with God's hand.


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