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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Protest The Invasion of Iran

It will be difficult to protest the invasion of Iran, but I believe it can be done. This stage is about spreading the information that it is going to happen. This should take slightly less than a week if things go well. The next stage will be a short burst of fire about public discourse on the matter, which will probably be back burner and take 2-3 days. From there it will become 'hit' and specialty information.

We want this to be primary information. It is being primed in the news under cover of Lebanon. American Israeli friendship is being celebrated and touted, which is good, but if it is professed for evil it is evil.

Let's organize these events NOW. Let's spread the word and organize Iranian protests before it hits the news in a week. Let's let the big ground breaking event be a protest and not a response-protest. I want this news propagated in Iran. I want formal Iranian protests to the leak that Iran will be invaded. I want United Kingdom protests in London, Manchester, Leeds, and points in Ireland and on the Continent. I want China to get involved in this. I want to hear what Russia and Japan have to say about Iranian invasion. I want to know what happened in 1953 in Iran and who Herbert Hoover is. I want a documentary of it ready for August or September. The 11th maybe.

I want protests in Boston and New England and New York if they'll do it. I want California as usual, but let's see some protests in Texas and Oklahoma and Colorado. Let's get the Carolinas involved. Let's see a march on DC. Let's not see a bomb about it. I want the media to get this information to the point that they must *address* it fully, and I want individual media sources like columnists to come out and print these stories about the war.

I want bread.

I don't care whether we have the force or not. That is entirely circumstantial and will not hold toast nor mustard. We're not going to war because we can or can't. We're not going to war because it's wrong.

We must honor GOD!


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