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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Iraq: Out

I don't like there being hundreds of thousands of soldiers working in Iraq and the American people having 'no idea' what they're doing. We should go. We should also do a thorough private investigation of 'the Iraq war', in the same way we'd do a scandal. There's no reason to wait until the war is over or until hostilities cease to begin this investigation.

ABA, I'm looking at you. UN, I am also looking at you. People's Iraqi forces, I am looking at you. Islamic Jihad, I am glancing towards you and asking you to submit your unbiased findings on the war, as you have intimate knowledge of and situation in this war that deserves respect. Please become peaceful and examine peaceful ways to spread right information. Fighting is worthless. Information is power. Get the information to the right people. Putting huge signs on the WTC that folded down with a long story of all the important information Americans lack would have been 10X as important as any violence. The event spurred millions and billions to investigate things they wouldn't have otherwise, but a massive 100 square acre folding out of reinforced cloth with data on it onto a huge NYC building would have reached international news, and millions would have seen anything written on it.

Do that instead next time. Do that in Lebanon's greatest city. In Turkey, in Baghdad, do that instead of firing a bullet. Make that instead of making a bomb.


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