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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mel Gibson

I do not know whether to put this in religious or politics/culture. It is not portrayed religiously. When many people talk against Israel or 'Jews' I believe they are not speaking against the race or against the religion. Everyone respects those things. I believe they are talking against the actions of the IDF and the state of Israel.

You cannot make a religion a state. You cannot even very well make a people a state, but many nations try. When Mel Gibson talked against Jews, I believe he spoke not as a racist, not as an athiest or anti-Judean. I believe he spoke as a political and social commentary. If he meant otherwise and is anti-semitic, let him make himself clear. If he wants to destroy the Jewish race or wipe out the Jewish faith, then he is an enemy of God. But if he is talking about changing the IDF, the state of Israel, and speaking against war, then I stand with him.

I stand with God.


At 10:45 PM, Blogger William Bunker said...

Wow. Reading the context of the story and the quotes, maybe he was speaking against people of Jewish race or faith. It is important to distinguish these things so sensible commentary and information spreading can be accomplished.


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