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Monday, August 07, 2006

Popular Mechanics

I was dismayed by the news of your article refuting Loose Change's video evidence. I have not examined it nor do I particularly care to, for the evidence against the official 9/11 story is overwhelming and copious, and various recreations of the 9/11 events have been consistently different from the events.

In 1975, floors of the North Tower burned for 3 hours, consuming 65% of the floor including the core, and none of the steel melted or was replaced. Underwriters Laboratories, who insured the WTC, estimated the temperature of the flames on 9/11 at as low as 500*F due to poor ventilation. This will not melt steel, nor does it interest me. I have read the melting point figures and flame figures, and seen how freakishly overinforced the towers were in their construction. Because of these conditions, as a scientist I do not believe the building would have collapsed if left alone to burn its course. Other building examples in Venezuela and elsewhere have shown that nothing would have happened for days in such an event.

Furthermore, secondary explosions were quite clearly experienced well before and as it collapsed. The core of the WTC is not about to crumble in such a manner as it did. The building fell at nearly freefall speed. If you take the combined bottom strength and take form it the accumulating top energy of a collapse, it would take far longer than 'freefall' to topple. Freefall speed means that the strength of the bottom portion is 'like 0'. That it has been zeroed out by some force. That force had to be equal to the strength of the building, so the top could fall down as quickly as a wafting hat. The bottom's strength was compromised and neutralized by explosives, evidenced by the presence of thermite* and the manner of 'demolition'. WTC was on 24 hour alert for weeks before the event because of prior warnings, which Condoleeza Rice denied the existance of before a grand jury. The rigging was facilitated by one day on which bomb sniffing dogs were removed from the buildings and then replaced without explanation.

Please, find a broader explanation of the day's events in the back pages of Tactical Edge at www.tacticaledge.blogspot.com.

I say this not to become mighty or great or prove a point, but to encourage diligence and justice, to warn of calamity, to replace social fear with goodwill and faith, and to provide a good environment for families and communities to exist in free from organized or conspired threat, internal or external. Please join me in pursuing these ideals, in whatever way you choose to express them. Consider it carefully.

*I saw a picture of a firefighter standing by a base girder that had quite clearly about a 75* cut through it, which seemed to be slightly melted. It was on media pages and can be reproduced. A girder such as this was found to have thermite on it. Considering the plane's impotent charge, the building's overcharged collapse, the presence of demolition material, the opportunity to place it, and the comparison cases, and a series of other pieces, the primary cause of still believing the government story is similar to not wanting to pull a fishhook out of your thumb because of the barb.

I know it's a sob story, but justice is in truth.

Your Friend,
William Bunker <><


Furthermore, is this address at a hearst.com such as William Randolpf Hearst, owner of newspapers and contributor to Yellow Journalism? Why is that name still even being used if it is in the context of Yellow Journalism? This is also going in the weekly world thingy.



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