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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Open Letter To Iran


Fellow thinker, please consider these points to avoid war.

Peace is Godly. God's justice is in God's hands, not man's. God has rained fire from the heavens without the help of mankind in the past to exact his justice. Have faith that he will if he deems it necessary.

In the meantime, let us work to make peace. We realize that you are upset with the way the world is unfolding. We too, are upset with the same things you are in many ways. We should meet [US, world, and Iran] and address these issues candidly so all things are truly on the table. We can heal many rifts on both sides and increase our power and ability to serve God.

Technology. You have chosen to pursue nuclear ambitions, civilian power and we will presume nuclear arms for the purpose of discussion. I [we] would like to help you in the Dutch manner when it comes to nuclear weaponry. This means that we do not want you to have or use or even desire nuclear weaponry, but because they are internal matters to you and to any nation, and because we could hurt one another and our Godly honor so much over them, I [we] will not force you to reneg them.

I presume that electricity is no charm to cause you to drop nuclear weapons if you have chosen to pursue them. The difficulties of nuclear power plants alone can be overcome by advanced technology and monitoring.

I believe that addressing the concerns that have made you choose to pick up arms is the way to put them down. This could be the answer for any superpower. It should be presented to the UN a study of Israeli and US actions that you find unfavorable, in a global manner. I would present to a public study any selection of targetted information available regarding any western action, economic, military, or political, for proper judgement and due course of law, even in such a grand case as what you no doubt concern.

Any element since WW2 I deem as viable, including Rosenbergs and nuclear proliferation, UN-level Israeli agreement stipulations, Korean war actions, McCarthy-era actions, Iranian coup of 1953 [apologies], BP and corporate organization as a trust, Vietnamese actions, World Bank and IMF actions, Saudi associations and American invasions... ... to the present day's activities. This knot is worth untying for our own health and the health of our children.

Thank you for your continued faith,
William Bunker <><


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