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Friday, August 18, 2006

Why Not to Conquer The World

This Austin pastor is telling us that the PNAC, after the Cold War, we have the opportunity and right to dictate the world's laws since no one can stop us. That anyone who is not a coward would do it.

We're not facing a Hitler. We're facing nothing. We've become Hitler. We made the Islamofascists, we made Iran, we're still making China. We're making ourselves. We're making Putin. We're making the Saudi empire.

Why should we not dictate the laws of the world, economically? Because we live in and participate in democracy. You who are forging the world, you are forging it in your own imperfect image. You have left behind billions. No, wait. *Billions* of people in disgusting poverty that you ignore and profit from. That is not democracy. That is slavery. You are keeping slaves uneducated to the point that they remain slaves and live terrible lives. If they knew the global setup you run their imaginary chains would dissolve.

One reason not to dictate the world's laws: they are fascist. They are slavery.

That is enough reason to abandon the PNAC.

If and when you can produce the results I and others have described here to give a high quality of living to all and use earth's resources wisely, that is when you can educate and use democracy to make the world's laws. We're already almost 15 years behind schedule, and sliding. You're backsliding. We've been prodding you about it for years now, but you think it's fine because you have made yourself the law before God, as though you have no one to report to.

You will report to me and God's angels, if you do not report to God. Know that the day is coming.


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