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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New American Government

This post is guidance regarding the situation regarding 9/11 WTC7 revelations, and court cases and potential arrests regarding the vice president, and other changes.

It seems that the dam is bursting this week and into next.

Allegedly according to news on Myspace, the US military on Sunday attempted to arrest Dick Cheney in Sydney before the plane left. 3 were reported dead. They landed in Singapore to refuel and repair a generator. It seems that this either didn't happen, or it did and has been concealed.

7: Premeditation and -wildly- conflicting stories about absurdly timed demolitions in WTC7 vs an official story of gas cansietrs or whatever knocking it down. This will be investigated in court, and will promptly [<1 week] lead to new investigations into WTC, which will unravel the entire harangue [sp?].

It would be better, instead of any potential arrest, for the statesmen to be tried by the Supreme Court or highest court in Washington, DC, and they could simultaneously face action from Congress and a US Military court martial, expanding into engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Unfortunately, this could spearhead about and before Iran, which will not be invaded. A probable outcome is a massive restructuring of the current American political scene, with power going more greatly to the people in the states, and a global organization overseeing the advancement of critical energy and technology application.



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