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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Middle East

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For the longest time, we've been reliant on mideast oil. Saudi sources being the largest stake. We in America have prospered for a long time through our oil deals with the Saud family. It's known that we've propped them up militarily despite many of the Saudi people's wishes, and despite their extremely undemocratic processes. They in turn have remained loyal to us in the realm of oil.

It could be said that a major industrial nation having formal ties to the Middle East will do well, receiving inexpensive oil and performing well commercially and industrially at home, if they allow themselves to.

America has prevented itself from moving on from this natural resource-product deal by ignoring its own massive advances in energy technology. We, and the industrialized world, do not particularly need oil from anywhere in the world. We can use our own technology instead. Which is the country in the world that we want *least* to be attacked by a major force? It is probably Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Panama, Israel, or Great Britain, Germany, or France, or Japan. After that it would probably be Canada, Mexico, Italy and Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, which has a whole new barrel of monkeys, and probably India and China and Korea. Australia also plays a part. This is primarily in order of global and American importance. Disruption of ideal lines should not occur, and forces work to prevent this kind of event, and the preoccupation of these events.

But oil seems to drive world industry. And the world being so close to peak oil and so tightly choked upon it, disruption in the Middle East is the last thing we truly want. Which is so amazing that we've supported and armed Israel so radically, and given them a literal free range in doing anything they like in the Middle East. That is not right. Justice must be served there, in proportion.

I would not call the new Iraqi state not-viable. They may find themselves amalgamated into their neighboring countries, much to Iran, a Kurdish state eventually, Kuwait can take some of its motherland home, and probably a New Iraq. American activity in this area is simply illegitimate. We have no right to play in their regional role playing. Our only interest there is oil and peace, and the oil we can technically do without.

Apportioning resources and cultivation for those who need it and can use it well in God's service, we do not belong in Iraq. We could help them by playing an important UN role, which is the role of the world in looking out for the best in any region. But our ground soldiers will not meaningfully help at this point. Saudi Arabia should also advance their state and come closer to freedom.


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