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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

America: Ruler of Dictators

Rulers of Dictators

America has a history of controlling dictatorships and other nations around the world in a vicious fashion. John Perkins has a new book out called Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and in his interviews he describes a teeming raft of chaos where American and Western Financier forces [CIA, Bechtel, Westinghouse, etc] ally to take supreme command of 3rd world and resource rich nations.

Perkins describes the method by which it is done. An area has resources. Corrupt leaders in that area are either found or installed by our covert forces or open support [our support of dictators and corruption], and our companies and finance houses enter negotiations to saddle massive loans from which they will not be able to escape or repay. Once they are unable to repay the loans, we force them to render to us, the lendors, their natural resources at racketeering prices. We also make them shift their economies and government support programs to funnel money to us [US et al] instead of use the money from their bounty to support their own people.

Also as a condition of the loans, we forbid them from producing goods that could compete with our industries and market.

When this is taken together, the fraudulent and motivated lending and the planned failure of the loan in particular, the control given to us is nothing short of economic colonization, and the means are nothing short of entrapment, fraud, and conspiracy to murder.

We have loans to all secondary markets, and to every nation in the 3rd world. Particularly of interest to us is oil, and other natural resources and places where American companies do business.

We are very close to financially conquering the world. The last nations left with major uncontrolled profitable resources are Iraq and Iran's oil. After them, every nation has drunk from our cup except North Korea and Cuba.

May God guide us in honoring him.


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