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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Better Know A District" -Colbert

The title link is media of a guy asking the Virginia GOP senator's staff tackling and battering a man asking him questions. The senator's remarks about it were also dismissive.

This is absurd. Are the republicans truly trying to hand off the Federal Government? We know they both, Democrats and Republicans, play ball with the same companies and the same power people.

What tricks do the democrats have up their sleeves? What tricks are the republicans hoping to not get blamed for?

Maybe we should give the Republicans 4 [2] more years and see what charges are filed. This looks purposeful, and anything that is a purposeful lie of this magnitude is wrongful.

I say vote GOP. We're being leaned into voting democrat. Whatever the democrat half of the Federal Government has in store, I suspect it of being wrongful.

I want a lot more facts about the democrats who are on the ballot before I would consider voting for them. I want a lot more facts about Republicans on the ballot before I would consider voting for them. I want to hear what the other candidates have to say. I want to know who is going to press charges against George Bush for the crimes of the past ~6 years, who is going to get us out of Iraq TONIGHT and who is going to reopen 9/11 and the 2002 and 2004 voting fraud cases, and screen the US brass for war crimes, illegal invasion, and illegal torture and abandoning international treaties.

Let alone the rash of lesser cases.

I wouldn't touch an E-voting machine with a 40 foot stick.

The GOP has coughed up all their laundry for some reason. Fox News withheld the Florida gay kids Senator information for a year. I want charges filed against that network. That is sex offender material. You cannot withhold that, or you will be guilty too, especially if something happens.

***I WANT UN ELECTION MONITORS. I WANT CANADIAN ELECTION MONITORS IN THE US.*** I want French, Scandanavian, and Bosnian election monitors at US polling stations. I want server reports of every E-voting machine to be published. I want people from the media at every voting station.

We need to delay the vote to clear up these investigations. We can't elect new leaders in the midst of a crisis like this. Until E-voting machines are removed from the counties, or all of them have paper trails, there is no way voting can be guaranteed.

No guarantee means no social contract. We will not go to no contract, but the agreement with the American people will not be updated until we can have voting accuracy guarantees. We can have a serious forum discussion of all members in every state election on TV at the same time.

Put every state candidate on the ballot in an auditorium and have them all answer questions from a Federal pool, from a mass audience, and display unscreened questions from unscreened professors, business representatives, model citizens, scientists, engineers... eagle scouts, mothers, mayors, civic action committe representatives, anyone who wants it can request it, or go there and ask questions. This should be a multiple-hour event and candidates for state government can respond via phone or satellite or appear at their local media station to broadcast in tandem.

Give it to us. May God help us all.

- Jon Stewart, you still have our vote for 2008. Do not sweat Deval Patrick. You are "++".


Two coins, each with two same sides. They both buy the same crap.


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