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Monday, October 16, 2006

Do not go to war

Sun Tzu said that a good soldier wins before going to the battlefield. If we Americans invaded Iran, we would be going to our defeat. Why would we go? Iran holds nothing for us.

But their crude. There is no strateigic importance in Iran but their location in relation to China and Russia, and in their oil reserves.

We are no weaklings, and our technology is bright and our industrial capacity prosperous, but our morale has been flagging for years. It is not merely that a waft of Patriotism would perk us up, no, that is not what we seek. We flag from lack of answers, from wages spent against the republic, from lack of faith and trust in the state and organized media and corporations, and our doubts about them are stewed in earnestness.

To be patriotic one must be in earnest, or we follow a hideous demon flag of want. To be patriotic one must have faith in their actions, and in the organized actions of America, we do not.

To name the specific abuses would be to discredit our desire.

We want freedom. We want our land. We want love and brotherhood. We want right answers and justice. We want honesty and truth, and honor that would please the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We who love peace and hate lies say this:

Do not go to war.


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