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Friday, October 06, 2006

How Are you Gentlemen?

This excerpt from Noam Chomsky's interview is very pressing and quite factual and literal. How Noam Chomsky got on WBUR, I do not know. But the facts remain open.

One called notes that everyone wants to come to America and that India loves America and Bush, partially because of economic reasons. I would respond to this by saying that, yes, you can steal $10,000 while living in the ghetto and be the richest among them, and live like a king. Your people will live well on the tribute money and if you keep receiving it, you will appear to have a very high quality of living and standard of living. But that does not account for nor excuse your thievery, nor will it protect you from it when those you stole it from find you, or God calls you in heaven or earth.

That is why everyone wants to come to America. To sit atop the pile of stolen wealth, whether they know it is stolen or not, or at least sit near it. This seems to me to be the reasonable assumption given the citations of our numerous and follied economic exploits, which can be examined at www.receiptforlabor.blogspot.com, and in various other journals.

Also, we should move forward on the Darfur crisis, and east Congo for that matter.

The state says that we must fight the terrorists who brought war to our country. But if it was the state that allowed them to bring war to our country, who must we fight? If we do already control our country, changing it should be no problem. But if we need to fight with words in courtrooms, newsstands, and street demonstrations to regain control of our nation, then let it be done.

We must change the systems of humanity so that this struggle does not exist.


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