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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

US Casualties in Iraq Likely Higher Than Posted

It is very probable that the number of US military casualties in Iraq is substantially higher than the 2705 now tallied by the military. It seems that soldiers who do not die on the ground in Iraq are not considered part of this tally, including soldiers who die of their wounds while on helicopters or in American hospitals or bases, which may be considered American territory or extraterritorial. These casualties do not technically occur in Iraq and therefore are not counted as military dead in the Iraq war.

In Fall 2005, an official UN-standardized estimation of the war's Iraqi civilian casualties reported on NPR put the number on a bell curve between ~8,000 and ~200,000, with the highest degree of liklihood around 100,000 casualties, making that the official tally. This does not count houses that no longer have a door to knock on, or casualties indirectly caused by private violence or lack of services caused by the war's presence. As of publication this is one year old, and active military action has been continuing at a steady pace since then, with growing sectarian violence. If 2005 was about 2.5 years on, we can expect the civilian casualty level to have increased by 15-30% on top of that figure by this point.

The war has also cost us some $317B. Bush's initial educated estimates put the figure at ~$150B. He also said the war would be adequately won with 150,000 troops.

Bush planned regime change in Iraq before becoming president. The Downing Street memos indicate that Tony Blair and George Bush worked in collusion by the summer of 2002 to prepare a public route to war with Iraq. They may have used false intelligence to prepare this route. UK Ministers knew that wMD were an 'excuse'.

72% of US Troops say to end the war in 2006.

$8.8B were lost by Halliburton in Iraq. Billions of dollars to other vendors have been lost and fraud is rampant. Money is literally distributed in bags from the back of trucks. No meters were placed on Iraq's oil pumps until *2005*. No one knows how much oil was pumped from Iraq from spring 2003 until 2005. We also

George Bush has considered a dictator-style government for Iraq.

Saddam Hussein's wife said that the man we have captured is not Saddam Hussein. He also had numerous body doubles, making it difficult for us to assassinate him. The US swore not to assassinate state leaders as of 1963.

The White House has admitted that Iraq fuels extremism.

It has been shown that a large amount of money was allotted by the Pentagon to place pro-occupation media stories in Iraqi and American news. Editors have also given reporters difficulty when they appeared with stories critical of the war. A certain CNN news story showed footage of soldiers spending rounds and blowing up caves. A soldier involved in that 'action' returned and saw the footage, and said that it was target practice, a bogus bleached operation. They were firing at nothing and no enemies were there. The reporters who took the footage saw that there was nothing being fired upon. This is treasonous fraud.

George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld made speeches promoting harsher interrogation techniques in months before numerous torture scandals broke in Abu Ghraib prison, Guantanamo Bay, and also in Afghanistan. We have been accused and found guilty of of numerous massacres and substantial instances of military misconduct and war crime.

The US Senate failed to re-ban torture when the bill arrived. We also export prisoners to Israel, Syria and other nations to be questioned and tortured. Flight records show that we have established Eastern European prisoner bases for such interrogation and extradition.

George Bush told a series of Palestinian leaders that he believed God told him to invade Iraq. This is not representative of the Christian faith.

There has never been any evidence associating 9/11 and Iraq, nor Al-Qaeda and Iraq. For that matter, Osama Bin Laden has no ties to 9/11 backed by evidence of any kind whatsoever.

We used white phosphorus bombs on Fallujah. This story appeared in the international media the day it happened. However, it took one full year to break in America. We also refused to let military aged men leave the city for days before bombing it. White phosphorus is a chemical weapon banned by the UN.

Military Aged Men "MAM's" have been routinely as part of procedure strafed or killed without posing obvious threat in Iraqi towns cities and villages. If you are old enough to shave and young enough to stand up straight and a man in Iraq, you are a MAM and you can be killed on suspicion without provocation. Soldiers on NPR described events involving the killing of MAMs with assistance an A-10 for assembling to investigate some kind of blast hear in a village. This is war crime, and a killing of civilians.

We break the Geneva Convention routinely in Iraq by our published punishment procedures for holding prisoners of war. We will strip them of cover as a penalty and force them to stand outside at night in the desert, sometimes in underwear. Desert night temperatures can reach freezing. This is war crime, punishable by international trial in The Hague.

George Bush sent National Guard troops to Iraq. This is the first time they have been sent out of our national borders. They are trained in civilian matters and not designed nor prepared nor equipped to be on the front lines of a war. The month after, 4 hurricanes struck Florida. The ARMY dug them out.

Soldiers sent to Iraq went there without enough ammunition, using 1970's style flak jackets as body armor, without enough drinking water or medical supplies. Humvees were underequipped. They were also undermanned to accomplish the job they were assigned.

Numerous American military generals have chastized George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld on their work in the Iraq war theater.

When we invaded Iraq, UN inspectors were mid-action. They also had kept caches of weapons, including old WMD which were being disassembled by UN forces. When we told the UN to leave, they had to abandon these weapons dumps. We, American and Coalition forces, failed to guard these sites.

They were subsequently looted.

No WMD have been found in Iraq, except aged and decaying stockpiles dating from before the Gulf War.

Now UK officials have said that we plan to Invade Iran by 2007. Since then other indicators have shown that we are less likely to invade Iran.

American forces may have decentralized the Iraqi state purposefully to prevent them from organizing or becoming a strong state after the war. Numerous Iraqi cities and downs are basically run by Sargeants acting as Mayor of the town. The military controls the supply routes and the array of bombings keep this process stagnant. Disorganized towns and cities are unable to elect a strong central government to address national concerns, which are left to Americans.

Dick Cheney has said that Iraq is "about the oil". It is likely that peak oil will strike worldwide in 2008. When this time arrives, America will be in Iraq according to George Bush, who said threateningly that we will be in Iraq 'through 2008 and beyond' when we were called to pull out on other occasions. A wealth of independent research on peak oil is easily accessible on the internet.

Tactical solutions to Iraq have been demonstrated in plentitude. Almost none have been adopted. The administration remains highly secretive about the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. No connection between Afghanistan and 9/11 has ever been shown. The identities of the 9/11 bombers were produced on the same day as the attack. George Bush said right afterwards, 'Link this to Iraq'. The single item that links the planestrikes to Al-Qaeda is a passport found on the Manhattan street. The owner of this passport was purported to be on a plane striking the towers. He recently requested the passport. 9 of the 19 alleged hijackers are alive.

For more on the 9/11 incidents and pending charges in the events, visit www.everyotheramerican.blogspot.com

In Other News:

British soldiers have been found smuggling stolen guns out of Iraq for cash and cocaine.

Millions and millions of dollars were stolen by Israeli forces from the West Bank during the invasion, from banks and money exchange spots. This is war crime! The Nazis did this!


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