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Sunday, September 24, 2006

World Change

A serious change in world attitude and consumption are needed in the upcoming decade if mankind is to survive on the resources earth has for us.

We are facing serious and massive issues during this upcoming time period. Peak oil is expected to hit in 2008, along with its consequential economic forecasts. To meet this factor peacefully with enough for all, we should switch from oil to electric vehicles, and improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles substantially, more than 100mpg per vehicle. We can begin to use zero-point and water-splitting electrical generators right away. This will help development of rural and 3rd world areas for a low cost and reduce the amount of oil used and pollution generated. It will reduce the level of mutation and defertilization and improve world health and wellness.

The ocean's stocks have become ravishingly short and we risk major long-term damage to our sealife if we continue to use them in the way we do. We must change our fishing tactics immediately and begin to conserve and breed far more fish and sealife in fresh and saltwater farms. The average fish contains as much mercury as a mercury thermometer, says Sealab 2021. We can create undersea and estuary international parks to help conserve fish and provide safe breeding environments for them. This is a problem we face today that will run out of tread completely in the next 10 years.

We should arrive at a population of 7 billion people in the year 2010. This is not a problem in itself and life is a good thing. However, to accomodate for 7 billion people far more must be done to preserve the environment and increase efficiency and promote moral social integration. While we're providing for these people who aren't yet alive, we should provide for everyone who has already shown up. 'Overcrowding' is a silly term. It is as silly as overcrowding transistors on a computer chip. Our infrastructure and technological expression will need to reflect this if we are to continue to perform.

Global warming is a sign of other factors in the environment. While a change in earth's climate and its results is being experienced, it is the first card in a full house of potentially unpleasant environmental changes. Pollution is epidemic in many areas and substantially reduces health and increases the need for health attention. Many parts of China have coal smog so thick you would run away. We have more nuclear plants than ever and each of them purposefully spews untreatable and lethal radiation into the environment on a biweekly basis. We can fix all of these polluting archaicies with semi-modern clean technology.

These factors continuing and their combined effects in the same ~decade time span are a serious call for action and we must tactically do something so that everyone walks away from this one.


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