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Monday, September 18, 2006

Drug Legalization

Drugs can be used sensibly. Some people say all things are good in moderation. I agree with this in many respects. Whenever drugs are used not in moderation, such as cocaine, refined from many many coca plants, or heroin, refined from lots of opium poppies, or certain engineered drugs designed to overstimulate your mind's chemical receptor points far ebyond their natural meanings, or an overdose of any drug not normally in excess, this is wrong. It is also wrong if a drug is used inappropriately frequently, as that is not moderation either.

Most drugs can be used safely in moderation. Some drugs should not be used or should only be used in certain formats to avoid medical consequence. It is actually healthy to drink a glass or two of red wine every day. It is also medicinally healthy to use marijuana in certain circumstances. Recreational use of alcohol and other drugs can have emotional and social benefits that produce a healthy immune system and encourage social bonding without excess.

When the ONDC makes anti-marijuana commercials it religiously offends people who have the Constitutional right to practice their spiritual path with the use of drugs and slights those who approve of adult aged consentual drug use, and makes a frank mockery of the argument to ban drugs. Imagine alcohol commercials featuring sloshed undersgae drinkers, those going to AA meetings before age 21, or alcohol related auto crashes. Yes these things are horrible and should not occur, but it should also be known that alcohol can be used safely and reasonably by of-age adults.


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