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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hamas and the International Community

I have recently read that Hamas is being rejected by Israel, as is anyone who speaks with Hamas. This is disconcerting. Hamas has some legitimate concerns. However, I echo Ireland's Sing Feng speaker's statement to drop all weapons. All violent and armed conflicts should cease.

Hamas should put down their guns and allow the international community to protect them from regional disputes. The peace process there is far more important than the guns in their hands.

I encourage Hamas to disarm *and* begin working with the International Red Cross and Crescent, Amnesty International, and the American Bar Association and the United Nations to more closely monitor Israeli actions in the region, to garner support and spread information about Zionist offensives against them, rather than shoot back, and try to procure lasting and effective peace measures so the rule of law is upheld in their land not by themselves but by the international accord of humanity.

This will be 1000 times better than any military victory Hamas could hope for.


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