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Saturday, August 26, 2006

USA, China, Oil

I don't like this post. But I wanted to write it.

I would not like to see war break out. I will not second-guess the actions of my fellow humans, but certain political and social liklihoods will follow today's cemented events and probable organizations.

According to this article, the United States built a nuclear reactor in Iran in the 1960's, and supplied them with weapons-grade uranium. They also overthrew the Iranian government in 1953 and installed the Shah, apparently as either a way to secure the Iranian government from Soviet and communist southward expansion by way of fostering militarism and armed *religious* movements in the region, which communism would be abhorrent to. Or to get the Iranians to give their oil to British Petroleum [BP] for a very low and unfair price. The uranium fuel US gave Iran in the 1960's is still in Iran.

Furthermore, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has pledged a large amount of oil to China and begun work on numerous Sinozuelan joint programs. VZ provides US with 12% of its oil. The US has had the opportunity to continue forward past the Cold War era and bring out new non-oil technologies, however, these technologies have been stifled, for good or ill. The US may have tried to control the world during and after the Cold War, and may still be continuing to try to by using oil and the economic superiority it acquired during and after the Cold War through market colonialism [neocolonialism*: see John Perkins ex-CIA economic hit man via democracynow.org.] Reports from ex-CIA members and declassified military documents, such as Operation Northwoods via the JFK affairs, the incidents of the IMF & WB especially in Indonesia and to the present day, have shown the work American forces have done during the 1940's-1990. Other elements and the elongation of these practices and the lies to surround them have revealed what is going on 2000-present day.

It seems that America has set itself up for a fall. Now: a short story. I was playing a game in which I had conquered all of Europe, the middle east, and northern Africa with choice colonies in central Africa and South America. I was developing my technology and wealth and surpassed all other nations in power and economy. However, as I prepared to invade India as they threatened Russia, whom I planned to conquer later, I was invaded by a massive engagement from China, which I was not able to turn back squarely. I had planned to nuke them, but it was so grisly and unattractive that I simply stopped playing. It bothered me for hours.

I see this kind of predicament possibly occuring in the world tomorrow. It is possible for America to simply be conquered militarily by China. I do not fear a military assault, but I do see us losing hideously an economic scenario. China has legitimately secured its oil needs for the near future, and are actively planning and working around oil requirements with this Three Gorges Dam and other like projects. Unfortunately they also are using nuclear plants and extensive coal for their power.

The news of these economic deals, and Chavez seeking to make China into a new first nation, startled me to certain connections. I have thought that China's anti-religious sentiment and enormity would be a premise for a world government in which religions, particularly Christianity, were banned.

This would be Revelations-like, and could even later fulfill a way in which the rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates were dried up to make way for the armies of the east, possibly India and/or China.

America has set itself up to surrender its economic position. We may have decided to try to make the world bottleneck around oil, so we could gain control over the commies and 3rd world folk, and withhold all other technologies, to the point that anyone without oil could not possibly compete or throw up a meaningful army. America, and its allies, controlling all the oil, would then crush or starve all such enemies, and turn everyone into America, American allies, or slavelike nations not yet indoctrinated into American ways.

This would explain our corrupt actions. This plan has either been promoted by US Generals since the JFK assassination [or its apparent polar opposite = nuclear war with Russia and battle with their allies, without the knowledge that love is the answer and peace is the symptom of love. That the technology they withheld could save both them and the Soviets, and everyone else, at any time, and bring them closer to God.] or it has been promoted by Satan.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, America has failed to conquer the world through oil dependency, as numerous oil producing regions remain squarely out of America's hands either by means of the American public, who remain fundamentally decent although harassed and crumbling away from Christianity, the ways and worship of the Living God who provides all good things. The American people have resisted the Iraqi conflict intensely, they have resisted other military movements to acqquire or control oil rich regions. Hugo Chavez has also resisted Americanism and the people there managed to vote him in and he managed to not be killed by the US special forces and resisted economic colonialism, as did Saddam.

Enough free oil remains in the world for China or another to thrive and conquer the market. China took a lot of industrial development from America in the late 1990's and since then. This fundamentally undesirable event was probably realized to be occuring sometime in the mid to late 1990's, just after it became too late to switch infrastructure away from oil before the peak oil arriving in ~2007/8, and a new economic theory had to be made. Outsourcing. Scrape as much of the money off the 3rd world and other areas as possible and use wars to get into Iraq and a card for other world regions [Iran is the next big target, having a substantial amount of cheap world oil.]

America probably has as much oil as Russia, but both of those bunches of oil are almost economically unviable because of the amount of labor and infrastructure that would be required to acquire them. For industrial and economic activity to be worthwhile and pleasing, it needs to cost relatively low $/barrel, we're talking probably somewhere below $90/barrel, but possibly as low as $80, and degrading over time in a cycling market, made probable because of the current market figures. We're probably tipping oil as pricey as we stably can with only a small margin of economic leeway to free up that effective oil and to edge other national developers out of the market, to make economics as competetive as possible for the pinch.

They are planning for the pinch. It's going to be bad, chaos, really unpleasant, very impoverishing. And it doesn't need to happen. It will not produce 'our' victory if you want to call the nation of America 'us', and it will spoil the world like Revelations says. Huge sword indeed.

If Revelation doesn't come and aliens don't show up and kraut us while whisking away the select, we'll face a world that is totally destroyed of economic viability, like a global wasting illness. Crops will be sacrificed. It is probable that billions will die. Wars will probably rip through oil rich regions and movements will be formed and bounce everywhere else because of the chaos. Imagine the US's report on global warming endgame scenarios. It's published by the Pentagon and mentions severe drastic elements.

Let's imagine another world. The earth has been destroyed from all manner of wars. There is no meaningful oil left. Or there's only like 35% or so left. Who cares. Right now we've got about 50% of the oil left. America and its allies and the others did their thing. America expected to be able to pinch it off like OPEC in only a few years. VZ and Iran and the new Iraq made that not the case. The Allies' populace would not fight a massive world war without an excuse, and the excuses were not good enough, so the plans were laid bare.

So everyone knew about the oil, by the time the economic bad news showed up. No Soviet Union to go to war with over the pinch, terrorists are unreal and a tiny fraction of a population that we, the US and our allies, made and not a functionally real enemy to fight with over millions of square miles of land and numerous oil rich regions. So who fights then? Opportunists, mercantilists, the desperate.

*I will address http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependency_theory later in this blog, or possibly in Receipt For Labor.

The peak of style, the peak of LOVE. 1964-1968.


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