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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Olbermann and Viva La Mexico

Keith: "More over, Mr. Bush, you are accomplishing in part what Osama Bin Laden and others seek — a fearful American populace, easily manipulated, and willing to throw away any measure of restraint, any loyalty to our own ideals and freedoms, for the comforting illusion of safety."

In Bush's speech, he said that a failed Austrian painter published a book in which he planned to make an Aryan superstate in the nation of Germany and exact revenge on Europe and eradicate the Jews. I note that the Project For a New American Century was penned in 1998[?] and stated rebuilding America's military with a Pearl Habor-like event [publicized at about the time the movie "Pearl Harbor" came out, actually] adjust our laws, and gain access to world resource and oil especially. So has it been proceeding. Numerous cabinet officials and the Vice President Dick Cheney signed and wrote this document. It is no Declaration of Independence.

I am also interested in the outcome of the Mexican Judicial Branch's decision on the election campaign. I pay attention to the statement by the reformist that he plans to make a 'parallel' state. I wonder what this means.


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