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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Best Use of Military 4Q06

Best use of military in Iraq:

End torture. Obey Geneva conventions. Admit and denounce illegal and unethical actions and charge those brass responsible for policy of breaking laws. Place them on paid leave.

Companies are getting in the way of Iraqi peace. They are large enough to be meaningful economic and political factors. It is important that oil interests, even of private companies, not play a role in the Iraqi state. For this reason oil should not be privatized or controlled on the private market internationally, and instead controlled publicly by an international assembly until it can be turned over to a public Iraqi state foundation. The services of private companies may be used by this public international organization, but the profits and ownership must not be private. That is a fatal conflict of interests.

American forces should also share authority of Iraqi with UN peacekeeping forces. This is a conflict that affects the globe and the globe has hands in it. UN forces have the right and the duty to provide their services and America does not have the right to keep them out.

OBL is not a factor that warrants the invasion of a nation.

No proof links Osama Bin Laden to 9.11, nor to Iraq.

American forces should withdraw from Afghanistan and petition the UN to impose sanctions if the need is great, or participate in an ethically bound peacekeeping international MP force to follow and pursue and prevent terrorism activities where the need arises.

The American congress should reassert itself as authority when it comes to declaring wars. We should also examine the international oil companies and oil bearing nations and their ethical standing, anti-trust law obligations, and promote the research and implementation of non-oil technologies. This can be done in relation to energy policy studies and the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

A pan-industry panel should be examined regarding international finance and umbrella business trusts. This situation should be performed by state and federal and international organizations as well as private investigation. We may find it wise to examine WTO operations and the American CIA since 1945.

In the face of global problems of supply and the environment, restructuring energy, transportation, economics, society, politics, and providing suitable support, relief and organization programs is already supercritical and will become increasingly critical until the topics are addressed.

Also see the section of receiptforlabor discussing economic superownership constituting state-level obligation.

The above article is 94%+ accurate.


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